Another Great Local Idea: Oasis Spa (Calgary)

11.30.2011 · Posted in Advertising, Innovation, Marketing

Do you remember my post about Fiverr, a social media platform where you can buy or sell a service for 5$? Here is a little reminder: for 5$, you can buy among other things Twitter Followers, comments on your blog, good reviews for a product, a drawing of yourself, a logo, a blog post about your business, etc. You can buy everything to increase your online visibility or other communication tools for your business.

Now, can you imagine the same concept, except what you buy are comments coming from your community? Imagine how strong it can be to have local influencers writing a post or Twitter comments about your business. The idea is to pinpoint your potential customers; they get real reviews made by friends about a product/ service of interest. If what you are selling is a service, you can promise a gift certificate in exchange, and the marketing campaign will only cost you time. As a community influencer, how attractive is it to receive an inquiry to write a blog post  in exchange of a gift certificate for a massage, a fancy haircut, or other expansive health services? As far I am concerned, I will jump on the offer without hesitating!

So, there it goes…
I want to introduce you to a local business that I can’t wait to experiment: Oasis Spa in Calgary. I have to admit I’ve never been there, and I have no clue if they are good or not. However, a friend told me about them. I love their creativity and their willingness to try an innovative marketing strategy. If they are as creative and open with their business strategies, they must also offer the trendiest services. Besides, they are located close to where I work, which is on the 16th Av SW.

More about Oasis Spa marketing strategy
I received an email from Anduro, an Online Marketing company in Calgary. They asked me to talk about a local business in exchange of a gift certificate. At first, I was thinking SPAM; however, since I trust Anduro’s owner, I reconsidered the offer. I know that my friend would never, on purpose, send me a stupid offer. The marketing strategies are called (1) Hub and Spoke and (2) the POST Method. I’ll let you read more about both techniques. The Post Method article mentions that it’s time to do social marketing “because it’s effective, and not because it’s cool.”  I know many business owners who don’t focus enough on their online objectives and on choosing the right technology. Their only concern is to be on the Web, just for being on the Web. The Hub and Spoke article is about a holistic formation of a network for Social Business.

Thanks to Oasis Spa and Anduro Marketing: you made my life more exciting today. You educated me to on a new creative way to promote a business using innovative online strategies.

If you want to know more about the strategies, please contact Jeff Nelson from Anduro. If you just need to relax before the holiday season, please contact Oasis Spa. Don’t forget to mention that you know their business because of Blooming Marketing (who knows, a 10% discount might be offered for all of my Blooming followers…well, at least the idea is out there!)


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  1. Charles Hamel says:

    And I thought Spas only used Groupon as an online marketing tool! And I think this is much better than Groupon for the following reason: Groupon is only useful to force people in trying a specific spa for the first time. It doesn’t give visibility, because the only ones who see it are the ones who buy the Groupon or the ones who saw the Groupon but have no interest in going there even with a huge rebate. The ones who buy the Groupon are unlikely to go back at full price because they know it isn’t worth 50% of that. On the end, rewarding visibility is a bigger risk (because maybe I am the only reader of this blog), but the potential visibility is much bigger for the price, and the spa doesn’t need to devalue its services for the promo. By “devalue”, I mean that if you do a promo where you charge 100$ for a service but your regular price is 200$, people rightfully start thinking that the real value is probably closer to 100$ than 200$. Excuse my lack of marketing vocabulary to explain this simple thing.
    I sure hope you get that spa treatment!!!!!!!!!!!

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